Many Farms Community School, Inc. Health office is maintained by a School Nurse. Basic health services are provided to students in regards to illness and injury.  Basic health screening is performed on all students during the school year: vision, hearing, height/weight.  All student prescription medication is maintained in the health office and given daily, as directed by prescribing physician.  All student health related information is collected, organized and kept confidential by the health office.  Many Farms Community School, Inc. Health Office works collaboratively with local Indian Heath Services (IHS) Hospital, Many Farms Dental Office, various IHS medial personnel/offices, and Apache County health personnel.  Health related presentations may also be given to the student body as a whole or by individual classes by the school nurse.  The above mentioned health organizations are also brought in to provide health and/or safety related presentations, provide flu shots and dental varnish (Kindergarten), perform BMI calculations, among other health related services as needed.

Many Farms Community School, Inc. also maintains a small health office at the Residential Dormitory.  This office is also maintained by the School Nurse and provide basic health services for minor illnesses and/or injuries to all residential students in the evenings.  All prescription medication and over the counter medication is strictly maintained by the School Nurse, kept locked, documented, and given according to label directions and physician orders.  The School Nurse also provides health related presentations to all residential students as needed or requested.  Various health screenings are also performed through the residential health office as needed.