Many Farms Community School, Inc. strives to be an excelling tribal grant school.  Academics and Diné culture are incorporated to achieve excellence by highly-effective staff who share high expectations for all students.

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Job Vacancies


Special Education Teacher - (2)

Math Interventionist

Reading Interventionist

21st Century Coordinator (Part-Time)

Navajo Language/Culture Teacher


Human Resource Technician​

Instructional Assistant

Updated: Thursday July 8th 2021 10:47 am

For more information on how to apply please visit the Human Recourse page here.

General Information

Bus Changes

Should be submitted before 2:00 PM on regular schedule days; 10:00 AM on early dismissal days.  Bus changes can be emailed to buschanges@mfcsaz.org, faxed, or dropped off at the front office.  We DO NOT take bus changes over the phone.


Students will need to get admit slip if they were absent from school.  Have them bring in notes/doctors' statement/etc.  They also can be emailed to attendance@mfcsaz.org

Check Outs


Have your IDs/DLs on hand in case you are asked to provide one, especially for check-outs/visits


If there are any changes in the home such as mailing/residential address, phone numbers, caretakers; please contact us regarding these changes.  We do send out messages through calls and/or test so if you do not update your numbers with, you will not receive any messages.

Make sure if someone other than yourself (parent/legal guardians) will be checking out your child, they need to be on the check-out list AND at least 21 years of age as stated on the check out list.  This is also the time they will be required to provide identification.  This is only for the safety of your child.  We have to make sure the person is authorized to pick up your child.  We will not accept over the phone authorization but a statement is acceptable with your name and contact number.


Mass Communication

Please update your numbers with this link:

Most Friday's are early dismissal, students are released at 12:30 PM and on their way out by 12:45 PM.  If you are picking up your child, be here before busses leave.  The front office will not hold students for parents/guardians running late.  Bus time is chaotic.  We do not want to lose track of anyone during this time.  Please check the school calendar for days there is not school.


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