We at the Transportation Department are full staff of four drivers and myself as Lead Bus Driver for Many Farms Community School. We are here to service our students & staff with the best care given knowledge and safety for all that rides our buses to and from school. WE BELIEVE IN STUDENTS FIRST..


  • We have two yearly bus evacuations, one at the beginning of the school year and also the other one during the spring time.
  • We having trainings during the summer time to a update on our certifications like, annual drug screening, physical performance test (PPT), regular physicals every two years, annual refresher course trainings, study from CDL/Minimum Standard book required by Department of Public Safety of Arizona – DPS.
  • Every friday is Half-day – Please Residential Parents have you or arrange someone to pick up your children at the designated stop according schedule. I apologize ahead of time if we are going to be late at the stops.

Residential Bus Run Plan
Bus Route Plan


Mr. Wheeler – FACE, Local MF
Mr. Burbank – East & South of MF Lake, South Valley & MFCS Housing
Mr. Gene – Round Rock, North Valley.
Miss Boyd – Chinle Area & South Valley.
Mr. Casuse – Rough Rock Area & MF NHA Housing
If you have any questions, contact me @ 928.349.3866 Thank You
Cyrus Wheeler, Lead Bus Driver
Many Farms Community School
928-781-6221 ext: 296