Middle School

Middle School education at MFCS is guided by three central principles:

  1. Organization is the foundation of all planned success.
  2. The ability to think critically is essential to the achievement of excellence.
  3. The discovery and exercising of individual creativity is central to a person’s ability to arrive at effective and  innovative solutions to problems.

The curriculum for the courses is built to develop the guiding principles of the middle school, to enable as much cross-curricular work as is valid, and to build upon what was instructed in the year prior. The academic program of the middle school leaves students fully prepared to meet the challenges of future academics programs.

The life of a Middle School student at Many Farms Community School is very full and strives to help develop the whole child. Our program attempts to enshrine within students both the desire and the abililty to strive for individual excellence in the areas of academics, creative expression, citizenship, and athletics.

For more information on the middle school at MFCS, please contact:

Ms. Mary James-Goy
Acting Principal