The library is an exciting, adventurous place. Students are encouraged to draw from its wealth of materials as much as possible.

  1. Students need to use quiet voices and be respectful of others when using the library.
  2. Students must have permission from their classroom teacher when using the library. Often, teachers will schedule time for their students to be in the library during open library times (Fridays).
  3. Students should return materials to the library as soon as they are finished reading them to allow others to check them out.
  4. Students who do not return books on time will not be allowed to check out additional books.
  5. Students will be expected to pay for any lost or damaged book or bar code.
  6. Students are responsible for books they have checked-out.

Spring Book Fair:
March 25th 2019 – April 4th 2019

Monthly Scholastic Catalogs are available.